Enter input with label previous

I want to enter the information in the fields automatically But
The input attribute field changes each time
Is there a way to enter the input field information through the previous label?


You can do an XType | ${KEY_TAB} from one field to the next, and then enter the text with XTYPE.

Or see this: How to get the Selenium IDE commands to work with dynamic ID's

The Dynamic ID tricks in the link above are a good option, but if the dynamic part is too unpredictable you can get to the input field through another label that doesn’t have that problem, you just need to familiarize yourself with xpath axes and learn how to go up/down the DOM tree - start here: Xpath cheatsheet. Once you get the concept (assuming whoever coded your target site had at least some common sense) the “name:” element should be pretty close on the DOM tree to the input field that goes with it; so you use “name:” as your starting point, go up the tree until you hit an ancestor of the input element, then come down the path that leads to the input.

i have problem to!
i upload example and link in the forum
can you check and help me?
change all location input and i cant find.
and use method server base change HTML example this:" data-v-6b0449e1="" "
and don’t save from client base value.

i upload :


I need to caveat this answer with: I don’t know Arabic so I had chrome translate the page into English for me, so the values you see below refer to that version of the page.

Most of the input fields on the page you linked to have placeholders so you can use them where possible, ex. //*[@placeholder="Please enter your full name."]/input or //*[contains(@placeholder,"full name")]/input (they both refer to the same input field, I generally use contains since they tend to be more robust, a single character change will break the “@placeholder=” version).

For the ones that don’t have that, like the gender field, you can use: //*[contains(text(),"Gender")]/../../following-sibling::*