[Duplicate] "Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope"

Since the latest version, most of my macros, which are largely dependant on the pause for x seconds command are not working. After a random number of seconds during the pause command, I get the following message in the log: “Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope”, and it jumps to the next command, ignoring the remaining time left to wait.
Ignoring errors doesnt solve the issue.
Tried rolling back to the previous version but the changes to the scripts introduced automatically by the newest version to the macros made them not work. Plus for some reason, importing suites tells me the macros included are not present, even though they defenitely are.

Thanks for your attention.

Do you have a test macro so that we can see the issue?

Plenty, but I wouldn’t like to share them publicly, unfortunately. However, they basically involve clicking a specific link, and pausing for 5 or 10 mins or even 1h. Or checking if an element is present and, if it is, waiting a specific amount of minutes and then check again. Or even reading from a CSV file and after each line, wait 5 mins before continuing. They all give the same error described before.
These macros worked perfectly until the last version was released.
Just searched the forums and there seems to be more people with the same issue.

Can you email us a test macro? The email is team AT a9t9.com

Email has been sent.

@andrefrpinto I have difficulties running your macro from here. But I see that you are still using storeEval in the macro. => Can you please change these commands to exectuteScript_Sandbox and see if this solves the issue?

Same error in V5.0.3 and V5.0.5.

V5.0.1 is ok.

Using Firefox 60.7.2

I am closing this issue. It is a duplicate of [error] Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope