[error] Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope


This happens in the update 5.0.3. (5.0.1 it’s OK same macro)
I using firefox 67.0.1

The error appears just after any “pause” command end.


ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 3000 for cmd "RUN_COMMAND"
Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope

I’m also having the same problem. Started happening after the most recent update.


Hi. I am facing same issue.
Using Firefox latest (67.0.1) with Kantu for Firefox 5.0.3. (Windows 10 x64 v1903)
XModules Version = ui.vision-xmodules-setup-v201905.exe

It stops randomly but only at the following command :

selctWindows | tab=open | https://www.travellanda.com/

[error] Promised response from onMessage listener went out of scope

After a Google of the error, you will notice that several FF add-ons encountered this issue in the past.
I don’t know where to look in Firefox to give more details. [something about Web Developer toolbar or something]. I’ll try to provide as much info you need.

Many thanks.


Here is Web Developer > Console errors:


I see that this code it’s the same: “type”:“CS_ASK_BG_2876” while “uid”:“ipcp_1560240773942_535” is changing.

[bug] selectWindow title= hangs the macro after selecting the window

Another FF WebDev Console Errors Output:


I don’t know if it’s related but sometimes this error appears : e is undefined

Executing: | type | id=bookid | ${BookingID} |

Executing: | click | xpath=//*[@id=“form-search-booking”]/div[5]/div/input | |

Executing: | store | 4 | !TIMEOUT_WAIT |

Executing: | assertText | xpath=//*[@id=“column-single”]/div[2]/div | Notice : No bookings to display. |

e is undefined

Just looked in Console while error e is undefined:



Any idea about error?

I can use old version?


You are free to use any version you want but keep in mind about differences between versions.
Like the new If_V2 or GotoIf_V2, etc.
Download Older UI.Vision Kantu versions.
Read Whats New to see possible Bugs and differences.
Example : the command executeScript_Sandbox introduced in version 5.
You can use v4.x but when you transition to v5.x you need to adjust your script files with new commands.
When you switch from v4.x to v5.x be prepared to encounter this:




I trying in chrome, and for the moment no error. I will continue to do tests.



i prefer the old one