Different behavior in web app with iu.vision vs manual test

I´m doing a test to complete a form which one appear after to fill text field C.U.R.P. and clic on “Siguiente” button but the application show a validation it say: “No se pudo conectar al servicio de RENAPO” then the application don´t redirect to the following page with the form to fill. This validation only have to appear when the RENAPO service is down or the connection between application is bad. This happens when i use iu.visión.
And the result is different when i clic the button “Siguiente” manually; the application validate correctly the information and shows the following page.
I attached the screenshots.
Can you help me please!

After fill the form try to make a Xclick on the field.

Some fields detect when is filled in this case you need to simulate a manual filling.

You can try with a Xclick or better fill the form with Xtype command (not type command)