Desktop Automatisation: Image picker AND Xclick wront pos


I am on firefox with xmodule.
When a started to use the desktop vertion i got the issue like this one:

I correct it by usin my custom image and importing it, but today (after 2/3 day working fine), event the Xclick are not accurate, all of them click a bit to the right and top.

for info i have 2 screen, the right one is 1680/1050, the other 1600/900.
I use the left one to use the app and le right to use the application to test.

Did someone have a solution?

i do have exact the same issue. stuff like that happens all the time.
when you make a screenshot whit the “select” button it just chooses a totally different area of the window. loops that worked stop working the other day. and every week you need to change from click to xclick, to image recognition to ocr. it’s fucking ridiculous. kantu is incredibly unreliable.

Concerning your problem what helped me was to resize the window to the same size when i recorded it. but i don’t know why that even matters as i am using the xpath.

Thank’s for the tips,
For the Desktop app we cannot use click unfortunately and I am already using Fullscreen in the app. :pensive:
I also try to use only 1 screen, change the size of the screen to 1920/1080 and even change the mouse sensibility to default… It just seems random… It makes kantu useless for big uses with this unreliable on xclick and xclickrelative… I expect it to be rectified in the next version…

for info i have 2 screen, the right one is 1680/1050, the other 1600/900.

Dual screens are not yet support, but will be soon.

Thank’s for the answer but event when i unplug 1 screen, it didn’t work well:


  • Can you please post a screencast of what is going wrong?

  • And as a test, does the DemoXClick macro work reliably?


I uninstall and reinstall firefox/kantu/xmodules, and it seems to correct it
No, DemoXClick didn’t work reliably when i try it …

… and it seems to correct it

So reinstalling solves the issue?

not reinstalling kantu, but reinstalling firefox did.
Only reinstall kantu didn’t do it