Desktop automation-number harvesting from desktop screen

Hi there, I am new to RPA and trying to learn if it is possible to automate a set of data from a desktop screen.
These numbers I like to capture and process are from a module of a large program related to futures market. ThinkOrSwim program, it is currently impossible to capture this data within the program.
It contains only 3 data: time, price and trade size. The purpose of this capture is to figure out the large and small trades in certain number of lots sizes. While capturing this streaming data, the trade sizes need to added and when the desired lot size filled, a calculation to determine if majority of these trades are large trade sizes or small trade size. Here is a screen shot of the module with the data. Any suggestion is appreciated.

There are two good options for scraping desktop apps and terminal (e. g. AS400) screens:

  • OCR with OCRExtractRelative

  • With keyboard shortcuts: Mark all text + Copy to clipboard

Both options are described in more detail here: Desktop Automation - OCR Latest Entry In A List

Thanks for quick reply. I have tried and able to capture the target, but I ma not sure if I can process the mathematical process as this target image is dynamic and data flowing constantly. so the numbers constantly printing on the screen. Is there a way to capture this dynamic screen? Thanks

found the solution here…

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