Copyfish: Shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+[a-z,0-9] not working in Firefox

I’m using firefox with Windows 10 and I am trying to open Copyfish with a built in
Shortcut like CTRL+SHIFT+[a-z,0-9]


Open Copyfish CTRL + SHIFT + 9
Desktop OCR CTRL + SHIFT + 8
Copy text CTRL + SHIFT + 7

but the shortcuts doesn’t work.
-What can I do?

The documentation says:

Browser keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts work only after you activated the extension with a click on the extension icon. We know that this limits the usefulness of this feature, but this is a limitation of the browser extension API. We are working on adding a new feature that will then provide truly global shortcuts.

-Are there technical limitations from the browser side? Firefox add-ons like e.g. “Bookmark-search-plus 2”, “qr code” and “firefox screenshots” do have shortcuts as you can see in the screenshot below :wink:

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