Copy From Email then Paste into Maps

Hi all, newbie here but doing my research and still coming up short so hoping someone can help, I’ve searched for hours on past forum posts and haven’t found what I’m looking for so here goes…thanks for any help in advance!

I get emails when a form is filled out on my website and I want to extract the address line and plug it into google maps search bar. I’ve been able to roughly do this just recording mouse clicks to the point that it will work for one email, but I believe I need it to extract the value to make this work correctly and can’t get that to happen. I have a few screen shots here, hopefully this makes sense…

Here’s what I’ve got that doesn’t work…

If you macro works for one email, but not the next, this indicates that you encounter the changing tags/IDs web scraping challenge.

Solution: See Scrape text - Changing id (the FAQ talks about clicking a button, but the issue is the same)

If you do not want to learn XPath (tricky stuff), I recommend that you extract the data visually with OCR. => See screen scraping. The OCR Extract Relative command is what should work well here. Use e. g. the “Address” word as anchor image.

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Thank for the reply, I got it figued out! Probably very basic stuff for anyone who knows what they are doing but what worked was using the command storeText instead of storeValue and getting rid of the *{@id=""} in the target line.

 "Command": "storeText",
  "Target": "xpath=//div/div/div/p[1]/span",
  "Value": "name",

What a powerful tool this is though!

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