Consuming memory over time

i need to run a 100 rows code 24x7, and i found out there is a problem with consuming RAM over time.
in order to see whats causing the problem, so i wrote a simple code of just 4 rows. let it sit overnight, and the same thing happened.
look at the screenshot as reference, the 4 rows script has run for 12 hours:

at the beginning its just consume around 400mb of RAM, and after 12 hours its consuming 5GB !
and i found its consuming constantly over time, memory use goes up even if its just pause and waiting !
can the team fix this problem please ? thank you

forgot to mention
using version 5.3.8 on chrome, and confirmed same problem happen for 5.3.10 for firefox

You must close and restart the browser periodically, i restart browser every 10 minutes via batch file

Read part How to run UI.Vision RPA macros 24/7

hi newuserkantu thanks for the answer
i have read that article, it involves some powershell script which is a bit too difficult for me…

anyway it doesn’t make sense for a program to have such a serious memory leak by default, especially its not doing something complicated at all
and if you look at my scripts, it doesn’t even use the browser, it just store a value and pause…

Hello this problem I think depends on the browser, even with imacros (another automation software) there was and I do not think you can solve, especially Chrome consumes a lot of memory.

It is probably the javascript that consumes all the memory, I have overcome the problem by starting firefox via batch file, runs the macro and closes, after the batch file performs the next macro.

Consider that ui vision often freezes for other reasons so it is risky to let it work for hours since it is easy to block (freeze, kantu not connetct to browser tab, and other similar errors) so I preferred to fix it by setting a periodic closure that i avoided both the consumption of the ram and any random errors of ui vision.

In my opinion there is no other solution you can adopt, if you use ui vision for firefox takes up less memory.

hi newuserkantu, thanks for the reply
seem like your method is the only solution for now
would you mind sharing a bit more on how to run firefox by batch file ?
thank you

Here info to run browser via batch file

hi newuserkantu
after weeks of work i finally get the powershell script to work
although not ideal, but at least its working at this moment
thanks for the reply

but at the same time i also confirm that the memory leaking happens after the update to 5.3.8 - 10, since i have another computer running 5.3.7 is working fine, but once upgraded to 5.3.10 the problem happen immediately

hope the team will fix this problem in coming updates, thank you

Fixed! See Kantu 5.3.10 crash Chrome memory leakage on Windows7