Change comment color in ui vision gui with a better color choice (black or other)

Hi @admin

I suggest you an easy but important feature, change the color of comment command in ui vision gui because it’s un readable

See this image, comments have a color hard to read

The problem is even more serious when ui vision interface is colored green comments are read even less

One possible solution might be comments in black but in italics

Why do not use black color or a better color choice ?


+1 this is a great idea

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I deleted my posts because in comment command the 3 field can be used in some cases and my solution to add color in 3 field can not added.

A better color for comment will be useful.

I am glad that I saw your post before you deleted it :wink: - because I think the idea with an extra icon for comments is nice.

Using the 3rd field for comments is tricky and no long-term solution. Reason: Some commands syntax check that the field is empty when no 3rd parameter is supported by this command. This is to help to avoid “stupid” errors, like writing CHECK | xpath=... | FALSE when the real Selenium IDE command is UNCHECK. This example happened to me just yesterday.

The classic Selenium IDE has a comment parameter for each command (see below). That would be easy to add. But what we struggle with is to find a good way to display the comment in the table view. Selenium IDE displays the comment by default and hides the real command, so the command is only visible on mouse over. I find that very confusing. Better ideas are welcome!

Classic Selenium IDE comments:

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A function to add comments or notes to the same command line would be very useful

I suggest to add the 4 field for comment only and change the color of command comment because is not visible…


Can you add in next update the fourth field to add comment in ui vision gui please ?

This is my idea

Fourth field for comment and a new icon to show comment in overlay, when you need you can activate icon with I (info) and it show comment/note

Thanks for the suggestion! We are looking at a way to add this. Once we have a good mockup I will share it here.

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Inline comments are available now (V6.2.2):