Cannot install Xmodules in Ubuntu 22.04

I run the Xmodules installer and everything appears to go fine. I get the “All done. Happy Automation!” message and no error messages at all.

So it appears to have installed correctly.

However the browser extension reports a status of “Not Installed” for all of them.

This is Ubuntu 22.04 running under X11 on Firefox 100.0.1.

Any ideas?

First (just for the record) Ubuntu 22.04 will no longer ship with the libfuse2 package by default. The AppImage distribution (and more generally, all existing AppImage’s) are built expecting libfuse2 support. This means that AppImage’s will not run on Ubuntu 22.04 by default.

You will have to manually run this first:

sudo apt install libfuse2*

prior to executing any AppImage

I know that you have done this already. And I confirmed that XModules show as “not installed” => We will debug this further and update the XModules ASAP. Thanks for reporting this issue.

Hi UI.Vision Team!
I appreciate running Firefox/UI.Vision RPA under Ubuntu LTS 20 for a long time … but upgrading to LTS 22 () unfortunately stops the show! Installing libfuse2 does not change the problem.
(* I have to disable Wayland mode: “WaylandEnable=false” in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf
due to Suspend/Hibernate problems)
Any outlook for fixing this issue?