Asserttext and verify text not works on table label and table results

Hi, Wish to verify text in different ways, but when using assert text or verify text on a table fields or table return results, it does not work. it only works on static text on the screen.
Is it the behavior of assert text and verify text ?
How can I verify text in a table?

The last two examples fail because the Selenium IDE locator (xpath) can not be found. This happens quite often in Javascript-heavy controls.

Maybe this helps: How to get the Selenium IDE commands to work with dynamic ID's

Can you post a link to the website? Then I would try it.

Hi Plankton,

Thanks for your reply, It’s an internal testing environment which is not public accessible. I’ve checked through he link given.
However, I believe what you are referring to is more on the click action by using the XClick command which can simulate native mouse events (rather than the usual click command).
My actual purpose here is to verify the text in the table, I believe the only options I have now is the - OCR based text search by checking though the article given?