Apuntar a una imagen especifica

Hola chicos, me podrían indicar por favor, como debo escribir la sintaxis para que me apunte a una imagen en especifico.

Por ejemplo, deseo apuntar a la primera imagen, pero al momento de la ejecución toma cualquiera.

Muchas gracias.

XClick can use images as input! - this works exactly the same way as with other visual commands like visualAssert. This is the easiest method to locate places to click, as it works 100% image-driven. UI.Vision RPA’s built-in computer vision finds the image in the active vision area and then sends a click event to the center of the image.

If there are a few images that match the input image, normally the best match is selected. But you can force UI.Vision to select another match at a certain position with #. So to click the 3rd matching image (counted from top left to bottom right) use image#3 or image@conf.Level#3 (related forum post: How to click all matching images).

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