Anywhere to have a script made for me?

I have spent hours and hours trying to create a script without any success. I feel lost. It seems like it should be simple but I just don’t understand it. Is there anywhere I can pay to have a script made for me?

I have a shift4shop online store. They have an import feature for products so I can create a spreadsheet with nearly all the info needed and quickly setup my inventory (for the most part) and they support eproducts with serial keys. The problem is they do not support importing a list of serial keys for each product. Currently you have to manually go to each product, click manage codes, add codes, paste your serials (its an empty text box with a new line being considered another serial key so you can add 1 or many at a time). then click close and then click save. As you can imagine this takes FOREVER when your initially setting up a new site. I have about 3,000 products. Only about 200-500 of them have serial keys I need to add but that will still take an unreasonable amount of time doing manually. I have 2 spreadsheets, 1 with the url that brings me to each products edit page displaying the options for serial keys. and another spreadsheet with the serial keys I have for each product.

So I just need a script that would 1 by 1, go to each url and add the serial keys for each product. Over and over until the list is completed.

@Plankton’s tips are good: Hiring - Desktop Automation - #2 by Plankton