Add blank line to CSV


I’m having an issue with this as well. I’m trying to figure out how to store a blank line into the csv file. I just want store blank lines to have space in the csv document. It seems it puts quotes around the \n character. Is there a way to put a blank line? A textSave command would be great for writing text files by the way. Thanks!

Hi, just to clarify: You actually do not want or need a CSV file, but use the csvSave command just as workaround to store data in a normal text file. Is that correct?

If so: Are you on Windows, Mac or Linux? (The workaround depends on it)

But what is the utility of saving in a csv blank rows, I do not understand the meaning ?

For textarea to have blank line I add Xtype and KEY_ENTER, I can combine it with text and blank line but is without sense to save blank lines in csv.

I’m on Mac right now. Yes, I was wondering if some combination of using !csvLine or csvSave would could produce a blank line in the csv file. As for the meaning @newuserkantu, it helps when looking at data in excel to have separation between certain sections of the data. @admin, I am using a csv file, looking at it in Excel.

Ui vision require all csv line have same format (same number of columns) otherwise give an error of inconsistent and csv can not read

You can not add blank line in csv otherwise you damaged the csv, have no sense add blank line in csv.

So is it possible then to add a line with all commas
but without any quotes such as ,"","","",""?

that’s really what I would like. That makes sense that the number of columns must be the same

Yes you can do with your solution or can save ----------------------- for every column

Use this code

      "Command": "store",
      "Target": "------------------------",
      "Value": "!csvLine"

For every column you have in csv and you have a line with only -------------

Warning the number of column must be the same in every line.

In some my csv i use this to separator


Have the same number of column of other lines

thanks @newuserkantu. I seemed to have figured it out. If I have 3 columns and I do: (store with Target is blank)
store | | !csvLine
store | | !csvLine
store | | !csvLine
csvSave | file.csv

it will add the blank fields with commas such as:


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