Number of columns is inconsistent on line #


csvRead fails to read csv file with inconsistent columns like so:

Extraction from web page and saving in csv element not found suggestion
List of open bugs


Need all lines of csv have the same numbers of elementi in your case:


You tell me? )
That’s what I said.
Needs to be fixed.


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This is more of a feature request. Currently the csvRead command assumes that the number of columns is constant.

What would be a good use case where it is not constant?


If I want to use csv as a permanent array.
I’ve seen numerous times that people offer csv as a permanent variable you can use interchangeably between macros and for future use. This is very useful for scraping data on regular basis.

But as a matter of a fact this is not the case. You cannot modify csv so you can not use it as a variable.
For example I could read values but I can not modify. So I could modify my array and store it in a next line, but I can’t. Since kantu will not read the file again. If I could modify and delete line that would not be needed.

1st run
Scraped few values and stored scv as A, B
2nd run
Read last line in csv A, B
Scraped few values in macro, removed not needed value B and stored next line to csv A, C, D so I could use them later (to filter, remove or add).
3rd run
Read csv to get my array [error]

My last and only option that I use is to store my array as a single value in csv and use my own delimiter to retrieve it. Writing new line with a single value as of combination of elements of my array. Not very convenient.