Accessing Firefox "about" pages

Is there a way to make Firefox go to its “about” pages like about:logging ? The open command doesn’t seem to do it.

To automate items outside the browser view pane you need to use desktop automation. => Use the XTYPE and XCLICK commands. This way you can automate all browser buttons and settings.

It is in the browser view pane though, isn’t it?

Selenium can load about:logging, for example, with get commands.

Loading is the easy part. But Selenium can not automate it, or?

Ui.Vision can load it and automate it.

Yes, Selenium can load about:logging and make automated changes to it like any other HTML page.

Hi, maybe Selenium Webdriver can automate this page(?) but the Selenium IDE can not open or record any Firefox internal page. Your post made me curious so I tried with the latest version of the Selenium IDE and nothing happens:

Every other result would have surprised me, as the browser does provide the events/DOM access to send clicks to internal pages. That is why visual automation with XClick/XClickText and XType are the only options to automate the browser itself and or to automate web extensions. If I overlooked an option, please let us know :slight_smile: