50% of cpu usage by chrome on 5 chrome instances

BTW… ive been getting 20-30 % cpu while using other bots like zennoposter on 30+ threads. not saying zenno is optimized though

but on chrome 5 kantu instances i get 50 % cpu

what i did
disable hardware acceleration in chrome
other chrome tweaks
lowered chrome and kantu resolution

what else?

Hi have same problem with latest kantu addon for firefox, i now must use an old version.

For firefox Kantu cpu go on 100%, with old kantu addon for firefox this bug is not present.

I think can be the latest xmodules the cause.

Here similar case and never solution from support

@dragonforfun are you using computer vision commands? This takes more CPU then just pure web (Selenium IDE) commands.

i get data from websites, then load next website,and loop it.

computer vision? you mean the ones with X? i only use XRUN to remove csv file line but i think its not heavy for cpu


i optimized to 30% usage i think. instead of 5 instances on medium i have 3 on fast speed.

also cache after few hours of constant browsing could add to CPU i think, not sure how though but i saw huge increase in cpu usage after a day. incognito mode also could add to CPU quite instantly so i disabled incognito. because incognito doesnt read nor store cache afaik so if you browse similar websites then it will always be processed again, i am not sure if thats how it works though but i really saw cpu increase on incognito

i installed cache plugin that resets cache when LOOP iteration == 10 and then it restarts these three instances.

now much better though it can sometimes get to 35% on 3 instances only. i guess its just chrome taking so much cpu. coming from other automation programs - they used either firefox or chrome but werent so cpu intensive so they probably used more barebone version or strongly limited it.

i am not doing anything heavy on bot, just loading website, saving text to csv, repeat

anyway kantu is the only browser automation software that i managed to get browser extensions on so its all good.

i decided to enable hardware acceleration, uses a bit less cpu now. but i had to test because some people report it uses more.

HI sorry for OT but I’m interested to know how do you do this.

I need to remove csv line, do you use a batch file ?

Do you use another solution ?

i only use XRUN to remove csv file line but i think its not heavy for cpu


@newuserkantu i just googled batch file for that, and i often do this in many languages. ton of scripts in internet.

more +1 "E:\Kantu\datasources\Raw Usernames 1.csv" > "E:\Kantu\datasources\Raw Usernames Temporary 1.csv"
move /Y "E:\Kantu\datasources\Raw Usernames Temporary 1.csv" "E:\Kantu\datasources\Raw Usernames 1.csv" > nul 

save that as .bat and XRUN it from kantu

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I use an old version of Kantu and i must use an alternative to xrun command because latest kantu for firefox take 100% of my cpu and usually xmodules it is not always detected.

Here my firefox with kantu 5.2.3 totally stucked i downgrade to kantu 5.1.9