Zooming out possible?

I have the old KantuX desktop app and was wondering if it’s possible to zoom out on the webpage. I’m using automation at the moment but believe I can cut many, many steps out in the “bottoms” if zoomed out but don’t see how to do it. I also have the SeeShell app and if you can zoon out on there, that would also be fine. (I don’t use Seeshell at the moment because of the fact I have went over the 20 command limit, if zooming working I can remove the “bottoms” and then be under the limit)
Thanks in advance!!!

Bump! Can anyone help please?

SeeShell has no zoom feature.

That’s such a shame. Such a feature would be so great. Is there anywhere you can submit ideas for new updates? I’d like to put a zoom feature forward.

There should be a zoom shortcut dependent on the browser you’re using. Almost all applications nowadays support Ctrl+Mouse Scroll Wheel but you’ll probably have to use something like Ctrl + Plus or Minus. Take Internet Explorer for example, go to view, zoom, and you can see the shortcut for zoom in is Ctrl and + or - for in and out. Ctrl + 0 is 100% so that would be what I’d use to set it default and zoom out as needed.

So for example for SeeShell I’d have a Type ^0 ^{+} ^{+}
Which would set the zoom to default 100% (incase someone has it set to something different), then it would Ctrl+ twice to zoom in twice (Use - for out or whatever the browser tells you to). The control key’s shortcut is the carrot ^ and you have to use { brackets } for + because + by itself tells SeeShell to use “Shift” so you need it to use the actual plus sign and that’s why you place it in brackets. More info here on the shortcuts.

Most programs have the shortcut for a menu item next to the menu item you click on, so you can just incorporate those into a Type SeeShell field. I use shortcuts extensively for SeeShell, if you can use the GUI for something it’s very likely there’s a keyboard shortcut you can use and don’t forget your friend OSK (On screen keyboard) which you just go to Run, type osk, and hit enter, which has the Windows key etc you can click on for various things if you have to.

That’s what I’d do if I were you.

Oh right, thanks so much. Seems a little too complex for me. I’m a true newbie that just uses seeshell/kantu just for automating some useless stuff I get told to do on my computer. So what you’re saying is that there is a place for me to type code in and I should use the code area to zoom out?

Inside your macros where there’s a dropdown in the left (when you edit your macros that is), there’s an option for Type.

When you select that, there will just be a box where you can enter the above. I recommend reading their FAQ in the link for “Type” and special commands (you can use the link in my 2nd paragraph above) usually in curly braces { } which are really useful and a stable way to automate what you want it to do. Pretty much anything you can use a mouse to do, you can use keyboard commands to do.