Yellow color measurement on screen


while doing screen capturing related command, the screen will appear this yellow color measurement.
Any can help

  1. when this should appear
  2. what is the meaning/purpose of this.
  3. how can this help when we constructing our command


The yellow boxes mark all the area where UI Vision did find matches for the input image, the “Start OCR!” button. The pink box marks the best match, this is the one that UI Vision did use. The yellow boxes mark all other matches that are above the confidence level (e. g. 0.6 by default). The number in the top right corner are the confidence level for this specific match.

Example: If you would set the confidence level to 0.9, all the yellow boxes go away, since none of them is > 0.9. If you would set it to 0.8, there will be one yellow box shown.

The yellow/pink boxes can be helpful for debugging, as they help you to see if UI Vision’s image search found the right match.

  • is visual verify will also appear this yellow boxes?

after i finish run my macro

  • the yellow boxes still appear on my browser, how i can clear that?
  • I have some boxes mark in red, can you explain what does that means?