Xubuntu: In firefox UI Vision is always on top and can't minimise

In firefox “96.0 (64-bit)” (with Ubuntu) and UI Vision 6.2.6 I can’t minimise extension to view Firefox. Extension is always in front of the browser. With chrome I don’t have this problem.
I updated firefox to “100.0.2 (64-bit)” but problem still exist. I can’t minimise UI extension and can’t view the page in the browser.

This works for me (tested on Windows):

bringBrowserToForeground | false

This minimise browser and extension. I need to minimise only extension.

You can achieve this by combining these two commands:

  • BringIDEandBrowserToBackground | <== this minimizes both
  • bringBrowserToForeground | true <== this shows the browser again

Sorry, but this didn’t work for me.
BringIDEandBrowserToBackground - minimise browser and extension.
bringBrowserToForeground | true - maximize browser and extension and extension still is front of the browser.

It works for me, tested on Ubuntu 20.04:

Another idea: On Windows XType | ${KEY_WIN+KEY_DOWN} minimizes the current window. On Ubuntu this is ${KEY_META+KEY_CTRL+KEY_DOWN}

This didn’t work for me. I don’t know why.

Is there a reason why you must use Firefox if it works in Chrome? (just curious)

I use chrome, but for this test case, the client want to use chrome and firefox.
Is there anyway to move UI Extension out of the visible part of the window? For example bottom left with minus coordinates?

Question: So even when you use XCLICK the browser does not automatically go into the foreground?

XClick didn’t change nothing. It clicks over the extension, not in browser.

Is it possible to maximize browser and move extension outside of the visible part of the monitor?

Can you send us a VirtualBox or VMware machine that shows the issue? Then we could debug and test this further. You can contact us at team AT ui.vision - just mention this forum post.

Is it possible to maximize browser and move extension outside of the visible part of the monitor?

Well, the challenge is that the commands that we have do not work in your machine. You could try to achieve this by writing your own e. g. Python script and then start the RPA software from the command line.

I make a fresh copy with XUbuntu.
I downloaded Latest LTS release: 22.04, Jammy Jellyfish from Download Xubuntu « Xubuntu
Installed all updates. And then I installed ui.vision to firefox and problem exist.
I deinstalled firefox and installed it again, but problem exist.

If you want try this steps.

I installed in Oracle VM virtualBox in Ubuntu.

I can upload it, but if you want, download a fresh copy and make tests.

Hi @Yuseinov , did you find a way to resolve this? We are having the same issue :confused:

@Alain_Hervas What flavor and version of Linux are you using?

I use latest XUbuntu.

I didn’t solve the problem.
Maybe the problem is only with XUbuntu. I don’t know but I didn’t test with Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (with XDE) Firefox extension

Thanks @Yuseinov . We are waiting for a solution from the @admin . I hope they can help us. :slight_smile:

Hello, I confirmed that this is an issue with Firefox on Xubuntu. Even when I manually try to minimize the window by clicking on the “-” icon it does not work. It is the same for all browser extensions. (All works fine with Chrome).


You can use UI Vision’s desktop automation (XMove command) to move the window out of the way. This macro grabs the window at the title bar and moves it to 1000,1000: