XType path is not recognised

I have used XType| path name | ${KEY_ENTER} but the path that is typing is in correct.

WRONG INFO, IGNORE (see below)

Use store | false | !stringescape

If the internal variable !StringEscape is set to true (this is the default), then escape sequences like “/n” (new line) or “/t” (tab) are interpreted as escape sequence. This breaks most file paths, since they often contain /n and /t :wink:

Solution: Use store | false | !stringescape. Then your string is interpreted literally. See How to create Line breaks in a variable and https://ui.vision/rpa/docs/xtype#escape for more details.

Even adding the string escape it is not working

Sorry, I was wrong. !stringescape is not supported for XType, only for type and sendkeys. But see this post for details: Store | false | !stringescape it is not working for XType

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