Xtype fails on new version 5.3.7 with value field populated

After the update to 5.3.7, anything in the value field returns the error

[error] XType currently doesn’t use the “Value” field

I was using this as a comment field in my macros as it wasn’t used before and now it hard fails. Is this the expected behavior?
For example:

XType | ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_P} | Click print
XType | ${KEY_TAB}${KEY_TAB}${KEY_TAB}${KEY_ENTER} | change printer
XType | ${KEY_DOWN}${KEY_DOWN}${KEY_DOWN}${KEY_ENTER} | select see more
XType | prod | bring up production printer

is easier to debug than…

XType | ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_P} |
XType | prod |

…especially for long macros. I’ll have to delete all comments out of all of my macros to get them to run

check if xmodules is installed and will be detected from ui vision…

I do not use latest version of ui vision and xmodules because usually xmodules will not be detected.

Is this the expected behavior?

Yes. We added the error message since a common mistake with using XType was to use the 3rd column for the text, when it should be in the 2nd.

As quick workaround, you could add set | true | !errorignore in to your macros, and then remove the comments whenver you find the time.