XType drops two characters when typing a new target for the first time

XType abcd produces ad
1234 produces 14

It seems to happen at first usage, then it runs ok.

Video: Dropbox - bug report ui vision.mp4 - Simplify your life


Try putting some pauses in and splitting out the enter:

XClickRelative |
pause | 250
XType | 1234
XType | ${KEY_ENTER}

Thanks, I tried again, same outcome: input gets dropped.
More details: it’s running inside a Ubuntu 20 virtual machine on VMware Workstation.

Is there any log folder for UI.Vision to check if something is wrong? Something to give more details about UI.Vision itself, not just macro logs which look ok.

You may have to slow it down even further:

XClickRelative |
pause | 250
XType | 12
Xtype | 34
XType | ${KEY_ENTER}

I do know in hard drive mode the log is a little more verbose: Timestamp in log file?

Well, to me, the real question is: does XType work reliably or not? Splitting the output is highly inconvenient. For some reason, it loses some of the characters to be typed, with no explanation and no way to troubleshoot.

XType is the same as pressing the keys on the keyboard so it works extremely reliably.
I am just guessing the issue is with the VM since it doesn’t run at native speed and XType is fast.