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I need to use XType to build strings with several not alphanumeric characters.
I have seen people asking for other keys like space “KEY_SPACE”.

I think it would be really useful to be able to insert the ascii code instead of generating a special variable for each character, or if you want maintain the KEY_xxx variables but enable other variable for ascii codes in case the KEY_xxx variable does not exist.

I need to type this inside a virtual image using VCenter Remote Desktop client.

Have all combination of keyword with a command like KEY_xxx is a very wonderful feature, i hope will be added.

I wait from long time KEY_SPACE but a general e custom solution to emulate every keys is wonderful.

In the meantime you can use UIVision to trigger AutoType in KeePass which will type anything you want.

Can you add more details please about your solution please ?

I search a solution to use space bar with ui vision (i need it to check some checkbox in frame hard to detect with regular ui vision command and hard to click with Xclick) but i do not find a good solution.

If you can add more detail about your soluton to emulate all keys specially space bar.



Sure… KeePass is an excellent open source password manager but it has a feature called AutoType in which it would type in a password or whatever you want for you. What you would do is make an entry and set the target window in KeePass to the window where you need it to type. You then set the AutoType hotkey in KeePass to what you want (or leave it default).
Now when you are ready to type your space or special character have UIVision XType the KeePass hotkey and KeePass will then type whatever you put in the sequence.

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Thanks I’ll try your solution to emulate every key


Not valid in my case, I’m working with virtual manchines, and inside the virtual machines keepass will not be present so the key shortcut is not valid.

Trying with targets like: ${KEY_ALT+KEY_Num1+KEY_Num9} to insert ascii codes returns:


Failed to XType ‘${KEY_ALT+KEY_Num1+KEY_Num9}’

KEY_SPACE will be added soon.

Note that if you just want to insert a certain text somewhere, you can already do this by adding it to the clipboard (store | your text | !clipboard ) and then simulating CTRL+V for “paste”.

@Reivaj_Xadro What other keys would you need? Or asked the other way: What ASCII code do you need to send?

Adding a KEY_ASCII_XXX generic command is probably possible. But before we work on this, I would need a few examples of what ASCII values XXX could be?

Hi @admin

Can you add

Home and End will be use to scrool from to start or to end of web pages.


I need to type HTTP URLs like http:// so “:” and “/” is needed, also need “-” and “_”, also “.” and space is needed also.

My case is to configure kernel parameters of a CoreOS during the startup of the Operating System, this is running inside a Virtual Machine executed in a VSphere cluster. UI Vision is the only tool that has been able to write something in the VSphere console using XType and KEY_X, I can not copy&paste, I can not directly type the string.

I really do not need ascii codes because the characters I need are “strange”, I thought about the ascii code to allow to the UI Vison user to insert any character without depending on the “KEY_X” exists.

I need to type HTTP URLs like http:// so “:” and “/” is needed, also need “-” and “_”, also “.” and space is needed also.

This works already now! => The XTYPE command is like typing on the keyboard. So for example, to get / I would type SHIFT+7 on my German keyboard (XTYPE | ${KEY_SHIFT+KEY_7}. This method works for “:” and “/” and “-” and “_” as well.

But KEY_SPACE is missing, and will be added ASAP.

ok… I took the most complex way with ascii codes instaed of thinking about Shift + xxx :smiley:

How can we be notified when the key_space is added?

Thank you.

How can we be notified when the key_space is added?

We have a few good options:

Workaround: I really need spacebar to work with XType or otherwise

This solution is very uncomfortable both because it requires powershell installed in the pc that slows down the pc and reduces performance but then loading a .ps file creates the problem of focus on the screen and makes it difficult and inefficient to automate, in my opinion this is not a good solution much better if xmodules could simulate the space key or others keys.

Instead of Powershell you can use VBS, too.

better if xmodules could simulate the space key or others keys.

100% agree! The next XModule will support these keys. The update is just delayed a bit.

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I am locking this thread now. All XType update requests should be discussed here, so we have one place to collect it all:

Added with V2020-8 :slight_smile:

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