XrunAndWait not working to launch a bash script

Hi all,

I’m able to run a bash script form UIVision using Xrun. But when I change to XrunAndWait to be able to retrieve a value form that script, I have no error in UIVision but my script is never executed.

My bash script is only checking if a directory already exist or not. And this script is ok when I launch it from Terminal (on Mac Catalina)
Those are the different syntaxes I have tried reading this forum:

“Commands”: [
“Command”: “XRun”,
“Target”: “/bin/bash”,
“Value”: “/Users/coco/Documents/Guigui/existeRep.sh 84120”
“Command”: “XRunAndWait”,
“Target”: “/bin/bash”,
“Value”: “-e sh /Users/coco/Documents/Guigui/existeRep.sh 84220”
“Command”: “echo”,
“Target”: “Exit code is {!xrun_exitcode}", "Value": "" }, { "Command": "XRunAndWait", "Target": "/usr/bin/open", "Value": "-b com.apple.terminal /Users/coco/Documents/Guigui/existeRep.sh 84220" }, { "Command": "echo", "Target": "Exit code is {!xrun_exitcode}”,
“Value”: “”

The Xrun is working: my script is executed.
The two XRunAndWait are not executing my script and they return the code 126 and 1.

I’m kind of desperated to be stuck on this!

Thanks for your help!