XRun / XRunandwait

Hi, I’d really like to automate something ( exporting an access database to excel every 24 hrs )
But i cannot even get the app to open a database. Using the Xrunandwait, it even claims to detect an exit code, despite the file never having fully opened…
…very frustrating, as the demo suggests the app would just stay open…

So the plan is this: Open an Access database; export a saved export type of a query.

Then go on with zapier and extract the new entries, post them to airtable

( maybe there’s other ways )

Thanks! ( TOTAL Newbie with this software )

You need to do that part in a script, for example VBScript or Powershell.

OR: Instead of using an Access database better convert it to a CSV file. UI Vision can read csv files directly.

Well, as to the csv file: Yeah i can do csv or excel, but my problem begins at automatically generating that csv or excel file every day - wich is what I hoped to accomplish with UI Vision.

As to the Script, at least from my understanding, that needs for access to be open long enough to actually execute, wich is already the point I cannot get to.

I have never used powershell tbh :(, maybe that would offer a solution.

I have also tried using robointern to generate the file, wich does work, but does come with the problem that the row header do not get properly exported, wich in turn is a problem once i get to zapier, which does need a row title to execute operations based on an arguement ( in my case: every entry that is not older than the processing day -1 day — wich is also why the whole gizmo is supposed to run every night at 23:59:59 :wink: )

I hope that clarifies my dilemma, or did I not understand your tip correctly?

Cheers, Freddie