XRun correct syntax

Hey guys,

could you help me a bit with XRun? I’m simply trying to execute a macro.

I do:
XRun | file:///C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\uivision\ui.vision.html | ?direct=1&macro=OpenAndScroll

What this does is open the website ui.vision.html in the browser and completely ignore the other parameters. It asks me if I want to run the macro and when I click yes it tells me that it’s missing the parameters for the macro.

Could you tell me how I should write this in the XRun correctly? Thanks!

EDIT: Just want to add that if I copy the command as I have it written in the XRun macro:


And paste it directly into the browser address bar then it’s working fine. So it seems like XRun just isn’t sending the whole parameters over with the URL.