Xpath=\\div[6] to xpath=\\div[7] and back to on rerun

I am having an issue with a ui vision macro where it selects an item using xpath=\div[6]…But on other days I have to change the formula to xpath=\div[7].

Then on other days I have to change the 7 back to 6

I was thinking of putting a secondary factor which worked. Unfortunately when doing a backup and then restoring (required for deployment), the secondary factor is lost using version 8.3.9

Is there a better way of doing this?

Ouch. I confirmed this issue. => We will fix this ASAP.

Workaround: If you use hard-drive mode, you can directly copy/move the macro files to the new machine, and there is no need to use the backup/restore options.

Thanks for the workaround

I can’t install xmodules because I don’t have admin rights
Also my ui macro setup as a ‘main’ macro calling 20+ sub-macros. So it’s not easy to just copy especially with multiple developers.
I guess I’ll wait for the fix

Thanks very much

This issue is fixed with V9.0.5. Thanks again for reporting the issue.