XMove/XClick cannot find the right spot

I cannot for the life of me get XMove (and XClick) to properly find and click a pretty straightforward icon on the screen. I’m trying to click the Chrome built-in PDF viewer download button. I also have tried the print button right next to it. I’ve also used larger multi-icon image selections as the target, etc.

Half the time it’s no match, half the time it matches totally random areas near the URL bar / tab bar.

I’ve tried a variety of confidence levels from 0.3 to 0.8. I’ve tried the match image being very specific to the icon with little margin around it, to multiple icons together.

I have Desktop Mode active currently. And an external monitor (on top of macbook pro screen).

Any ideas? Right now it just seems like it’s broken since it seems like my targets are pretty straightforward.

Hi, do you have the latest XModule version V2021-2 installed? (Older versions had a problem with multi-monitor setups)

I installed the XModules within the last two weeks. But let’s see:

  • ScreenCapture v1.3.3
  • FileAccess v1.0.12
  • RealUser v1.0.31
  • DesktopAutomation v1.0.31

This matches the latest versions I see listed at https://ui.vision/rpa/x/download

I’m on Mac OS 10.15.7 using Chrome 88.0.4324.150

Ah, now I see: The match itself goes wrong. In the old case, the match was right, but the click itself was off. So you definitely do not have this old, fixed issue.

So yes, you have the latest versions. As next trouble shooting step, some questions:

(1) Does the DemoXClick macro work ok?

(2) Does the DemoXDesktopAutomation macro work ok?

Or is the issue “only” with the PDF viewer download button?

If something goes wrong, can you record a screen video of the issue? I am confident that we can see then what is going on.

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Before your latest reply I re downloaded and re installed the XModules. It worked as it should after the reinstall. Even though the version numbers were the same.

And my original install was from 2/11, btw.

Strange… but good to hear that it works now! It seems something went wrong during the first installation.

Well… it worked right after the reinstall for a bit. Since the day of my last post I haven’t used it. And I am just now trying to run this again, and I’m having the VisualVerify / XMove / XClick issues again.

I’m on a Macbook Pro and running with an external display in addition to the laptop built-in display.

A screencast of the automation (issues) would be very helpful.

One suggestion: Make sure the browser zoom factor has not changed. It should be 100%: