Xmodules zip version do not install all part


I have more bug with the latest xmodules exe for windows, i tried xmodules zip

In [some companies] the download of EXE installers/files is blocked. If this happens to you, please [download the Windows XModule installer as ZIP file here]. To install from the ZIP archive, unzip the archive and then run “1install.bat”. This is almost the same procedure that is used in the macOS and Linux versions below.

After I installed show this image but some part are not installed

xmodules zip download.ui.vision/x/ui.vision-xmodules-windows-v201908.zip

With xmodules exe Windows Installer, Version 2019-8

Why xmodules exe install v1.0.10 and xmodules zip install v1.0.12 ?

With the xmodules exe sometimes firefox do not recognize the installation and show not installed.

I use firefox, windows 7 at 32 bit in italian kantu latest version.


I also have the same issue. Anyone have solution ?

no solution at moment, we waiting a fix of xmodules

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Fixed. Why the status of RealUser XModule is not Installed at setting after installing XModules