Xmodules Pricing question when I running in mutiple PC and VPS

I want upgrade Xmodules. I use Kantu in several PC and VPS. Which Can I upgrade to Personal Edition and use upgraded Xmodules in all PC, VPS?

The Personal Edition can be used on one machine at a time, but it can be installed on several machines at the same time.

If you plan to use UI.Vision at many machines at the same time, I recommend the Enterprise Edition (5 or more machines included) or the Special Player Bundle of Enterprise Edition plus Enterprise Player, which includes the unlimited Player license.

If you need this for a non-profit personal project, please contact us for a discount.

More info (copied from the pricing page):

Unlimited Player license

Do you need to run your macros on many machines and/or servers? Or do you need to distribute the solutions you create to many users within or even outside your organization? Then you can purchase the UI.Vision Enterprise Player license. It gives you an unlimited license to run your macros and testsuites on as many machines as you need - inside or outside your company or organization. This license can be purchased separately at any time, or you purchase it as part of the Special Player Bundle (see the price list).

The UI.Visio Kantu Enterprise Player has all features of Enterprise Edition , except the ability to create new macros. Technically speaking if XModules are unlocked with the Player license key, the “Save” button is disabled. Everything else works 100% as in the regular Enterprise Edition. The number of included OCR conversions is 10,000 per day per Player license (additional conversions can be purchased any time)