Xmodules not recognized in new firefox version

It is a welcome update, but I have major problems.

  1. The PRO license was recognized as a read-only license. I reached out to the help desk, and it took more than 24 hours to solve the issue. In the meantime, I couldn’t run one macro. Nothing.

  2. XModules to read from the hard drive is not working. It is now hour 48 without automation. I have to do a lot of manual work, and it is very frustrating.

Is anybody else having problems with this new version?

Hello, we already communicated via email and already found out it is not a license issue. But somehow, the Xmodules are not recognized in your extension. As of now, you are the only user reporting this issue, and we can not recreate it yet. Is anyone else seeing this problem?

On our test systems the xmodules are recognized just fine:

My automation stopped sending URLs to Firefox, or FF is not responding to them.

I will try installing the latest version of UIVision and see if that helps.

What does this mean?

Sorry, I just saw this message from you.

What I mean is that scripts that have been opening URLs in Firefox are timing out. I get a timeout error, but nothing specific to indicate what I need to be looking at. I have checked program permissions, user permissions, reinstalled Firefox, and UIVision.

I also DOWNGRADED Firefox to an older version that seems to be working on a different machine, but nothing seems to help.