XModules not detected

I didn’t want to hijack Chris’s thread but I’m having the same issue where I’ve installed Kantu, and I installed XModules, which appeared to install fine as it says completed, but Kantu doesn’t recognize XModules as installed, even when hitting test.

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise build 16299.1029
Browser: Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Steps I’ve tried:
-Right clicking the exe and unblocking
-Rebooting / having Kantu open / closed during troubleshooting
-Uninstalling XModules from appwiz.cpl / running as admin and without admin
-Uninstalling using the uninstall000 exe in the xmodules directory
-Following the exact steps in the video on your site
-Making the install directory under the user profile, in programdata, and leaving it default

Thanks for the detailed error report. Just to make sure: The XModules never worked on this machine, right?

Just as a test, can you install Kantu for Firefox and see if it detects the XModules?

Without admin should be fine.

Do you have some anti-virus software installed that might block the communication of Chrome and the XModules? (this is just a guess)

Correct, never worked on this machine (VM) - Installed for the first time yesterday 4/8/19 CST before the Kantu update that showed up this morning. Of course I tested after the Kantu update and same issue.

I’ll have to install Firefox / I’ll try, but I won’t be using Firefox unless I have to even if it works

Per your request:
Installed Firefox Quantum 60.5.2esr (32-bit) (Highest version in our environment) > rebooted > https://a9t9.com/kantu > Installed Kantu for Firefox > Closed FF (To make sure everything applied)> Opened FF > No error > Cog icon shows > FileAccess XModule Installed (v1.0.6) > RealUser XModule Status:
Installed (v1.0.12) > DesktopAutomation XModule Status: Installed (v1.0.19)

I’m a complete newb to Kantu so no idea how to test functionality yet but Firefox gets further with the installation than Chrome.

And note that I didn’t have to run the xmodule installer at all for Firefox, it detected it was installed, so don’t see how AV could be blocking it if the install files are detected on Firefox.

This is surprising, I did not expect it to work in Firefox!

As a final test if it really works in Firefox, please run

  • DemoXClick
  • DemoXType

These two macros test/use features of the XModules.

I didn’t have to run the xmodule installer at all for Firefox, it detected it was installed,

This is how it should work. Now…why would it work in Firefox but not in Chrome? I need to discuss this with the developers. I have no idea yet. This is the first time we see this situation.

Well I didn’t see those macros in the hard drive drop down, so I put it back to browser and they were there >

[info] Executing: | echo | DemoXClick completed | #shownotification |

[echo] DemoXClick completed
[info] Macro completed (Runtime 28.40s)

XType demo:
[info] Executing: | XType | Page_saved_by_Kantu_{mydate}_{mytime} | |

[info] Executing: | XType | ${KEY_ENTER} | |

[info] Macro completed (Runtime 19.35s)

Note: Btw XType didn’t actually hit the enter key (I’ve seen this with .NET sendkey using (‘ENTER’) instead of (’~’) which is actually carriage return, and enter being the numpad enter key iirc)

No biggy, I still have SeeShell / API so I’m good, just wanted to rip off the band aid so to speak and get started learning Kantu Desktop :desktop_computer: