Xmodules installation issue?

Last year, I used your product for the first time, and I found that it is a very good software, which greatly facilitates my work. Soon after using it, I directly bought the personal version for 89 dollars.
But what is disappointing is that since March 2020, I have not used the latest version of your software because of the installation problem of xmodules. Because if I upgrade the xmodules version, the fileacess or realuser or desktopautomation modules are always not installed, so I only have to switch back to the v202002 version of xmodules.
I found a lot of solutions in the forum, but none of them solved the installation problem. Many people in the forum reported similar problems. Many of you said that it might be a problem with the installation environment. Even if I install the english version of windnows, the result is still there. If it is an environmental problem, why can it run normally if I change to the v202002 version?
Also, since xmodules provides a zip download method, why ui vision rpa does not provide a zip download method. You must know that here, because of political issues, there is no way to access the Google store.
If you want, I can provide an environment for errors for you to debug, and you can connect to my machine remotely via teamview etc., if you want.
I really hope you can solve the above problems seriously. UI vision is a good product. I really hope it can be more stable, smooth and easy to use. I also hope it can help more people. I really like it.
Finally, I attached the v202002 version, which is compatible with the latest ui vision rpa version. I hope it can be helpful to those who have problems like me.ui_vision-xmodules-setup-v202002–unziped.zip (6.3 MB)


thanks for the report! This is the first time I hear that the V202002 version works, but not the latest version.

What Windows version are you using?