Xmodules install issue(s)

I am experiencing an issue where xmodules is not being recognized as installed.
My system is Win 8.1, Chrome Version 75.0.3770.90 (Official Build) (64-bit). Kantu version 5.03.

I work in a heavily restricted environment and the installation was done like this:

  1. My PC was moved to a different OU to allow the download of the .EXE.
  2. While I was logged on and running Chrome/Kantu I initiated the download of the .EXE.
  3. The .EXE had to be ‘run as administrator’ and local admin credentials used.
  4. I then amended the following 3 BAT files in ‘AppData\Roaming\UI.Vision\XModules’
    a. cv_x_install_chrome
    b. fileaccess_x_install_chrome
    c. realuser_x_install_chrome
    These were changed from HKCU to HKLM so they were added to the registry for all users when the BAT files were run using elevated admin rights.

This appeared to work when I could change the Storage Mode to ‘File system’. After a reboot (and my PC having to be moved back to its original OU in AD I was able to see that Storage Mode was ‘File system’ on hard drive and a folder had been created on my desktop with a demo macro in it. However! When switching back to ‘Local storage’ and back again I am receiving the message that xmodules is not installed.

The tell tale here is that its easy to say its because my PC was moved to another OU and this is restricting this function in Kantu and if that’s the case then can you tell me what is trying to run when I switch to Storage Mode to ‘File system’?

Thanks in advance

  1. The .EXE had to be ‘run as administrator’ and local admin credentials used.

Can you give the current user (= the one using UI.Vision) admin-rights for the installation? I guess the issue is that the XModules are installed for the admin account, not for your user account.

That’s the problem. Policy is so tight that a standard user cannot have elevated permissions. The APPDATA folder is created by the standard user when running the EXE and I could see that the registry keys were added as HKCU and changed that to Local machine for everyone but there must be “something else happening” when xmodules is used?