XModules Are Not Fully Installed

I’ve installed XModule following the installation instructions, Terminal indicated it was installed, I have turned on permissions for Chrome to control my computer, but it’s still not recognizing that it’s installed.

I’m not using any other language other than English.

Chrome: Version 85.0.4183.83 (Official Build) (64-bit)
MacOS Sierra: 10.12.6
UI.Vision RPA 5.8.8

Any help would be appreciated.


I see only 1 of 3 are installed ok. I assume there is still a permission that is missing.

  • What happens if you click the “Test it” buttons?

  • What happens if you run the “Demo-XClick” macro?

Does it prompt you for more permissions?

Test it Buttons
File Access XModule : status updated: Installed (v1.0.12)
RealUser XModule : status updated: Not Installed
DesktopAutomation XModule : status updated: Installed (v1.0.19)

Demo-X-Click Macro gives an error

Line 6: Error #301: RealUser Simulation XModule is not installed yetInstall now

So looks like the only one remaining with an issue is RealUser.

It does not prompt for more permissions.