XModule Local OCR not reading all characters

When using the XModule Local OCR it is not reading all the text on a screen. I tried doing OCRSearch multiple times and it said the searched words did not appear but I could see them in testing. When I used the Show OCR Overlay button, some items did not have red lettering (see attached items in pink boxes did not have overlay). The items with stars are ones that I need to reference in my macros. For security reasons, we are not able to use the online OCRs. Is there anything that can be done to ensure all text is read? Since the color scheme and size are read correctly on the same screen for other text, I am not sure why it is not reading everything. For reference, the command I used is below with the Application number (1 in this instance) being housed in the variable.

  "Command": "OCRSearch",
  "Target": "Application Number ${GLOBALAppNum)",
  "Value": "count",
  "Description": "Verifying correct app"