XDesktopAutomation Command Problem


I am trying to use the XDesktopAutomation command to switch between browser/desktop versions. I am attaching an image of the command. For some reason, the command doesn’t activate the browser version in my macro. Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

Did you try BringBrowserToForground after switching?

In your log, the “false” is in the wrong column. So the actual parameter input is " ", and this means “true” here.


Thanks, everyone. I will try these changes.

@admin @User9898 Thank you both for the help. I tried both suggestions and I ended with the same result. I am attaching another screenshot. At the end of the macro, it is still in desktop mode.

So are you saying it never switched to browser mode?

It is normal that it goes back to desktop mode once the macro is stopped. Th XDesktopAutomation command does not change the default setting.

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Thank you @admin I was not aware of that. I believe I have things figured out now