XClickRelative Question

I am using windows and the Chrome browser for Ui.Vision and a desktop screen.

The macros has an XClick using the first image below as the target field.
Then calling XType with Test1, changing the target to Test2, Test3 …
For Test5 I just ran the macro twice without changing the text

It puts the text in the wrong field, then in the correct field, then in the wrong field again


Hi, I moved this to a topic of its own. I am not sure yet if I understand the issue. Can you add a screencast of the macro running?


If I step through, then XType doe snot write into any text box, but I run the macro (just an XClick and an XType) it does write the text, but to the wring box.

The GUI screen is a small test GUI.

Yes, because the focus is then on the UIvision IDE, not the app. So the keystrokes go to the wrong place.

A screencast of the app running would be really helpful to see what is going wrong… (why it hits the wrong place at every 2nd loop)

If the GroupBox is constant, try changing the area of the print for the whole Groupbox, and use as anchor both Customer and Invoice.!
This is an example:

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Thanks Jorgelhus, that worked, by choosing the whole GroupBox as the Anchor Image and the customer entry field as the Click Area…

BTW, I had no problems in desktop mode with the web version of the test GUI.

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I removed the test screen ‘Frame widgets’ (which were labelled GroupBox)

This time I tried to select 3 labels as the anchor but the customer name is going to the wrong input box.

IBelow is a gif screencast of this behaviour:

The test screen uses PySimpleGUI (TKInter version).

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You’re not using Xclickrelative as the command.
Change the command, and I also believe you will have to change the name of the file in “target” to the _relative variation you created with the colour boxes
That should solve your problem.
It should look like this:

Thanks you are right of course, I am quite new to UI.Vision.

I get another error now:

     [error] Cannot find green and/or pink boxes

I am not sure if it has something to do with Windows, but I observed the following when I used a tool to get the visible colours:

When the green and pink boxes are created the colours match #00FF00 and #FE1492.
The lines of the boxes have an outer shaded colour and the inner colour matches.

But if I open the window again, then the displayed colors have changed:

The anchor and it colour:


Anyway, this is probably not the right place for this continued discussion.