Xclickrelative does not see the red and green boxes i have drawn

Script and png attached. I do have green and pink boxes defined but still the error as seen in log file attached

Many thanks!

Ah, I see this is on a 120 dpi screen. Finding green/pink boxes on a HiDPI screen is a known issue: OCRExtractRelative not finding green and pink boxes

Workaround: Can you test on a 96dpi screen, e. g. inside a virtual machine? A Windows VM or a free lightweight Ubuntu VM works well for automation.

Can you export the macro as ZIP file and post it here? Then we can inspect the image and see why the box detection fails.

In general the pink/green box detection works on HiDPI screens. See for example here: How to automate 2-factor logins with RPA (macro runs on 168dpi monitor)

hello world.zip (884 Bytes)

Strange, this ZIP file has no image inside. Did you export it with V5.7.5?

V5.7.5 yes, trying again, I can see the image in the zip folder.

hello world.zip (160.1 KB)

Thank you so much for persisting . . .

Are you using multiple monitors? If so, set up your system for only 1 monitor, then test it. I think that support for multiple monitors is still a known issue.

@peter_thorpe I tested your image and all works fine on my machine. It detects the green/pink boxes and finds the image. In the screenshot I have your image open in Snagit, and UIvision desktop image search finds it there. I tested it with the “Find” button:

@AHardesty Correct, multi-monitor is not yet supported, but a green/pink image not found issue should not be related to this.

I think you need to append the name of the image in the Target of your XClickRelative with “relative” so that it reads, “…_relative.png”. The “relative” is critical to UI.Vision knowing to look for the green and pink boxes.

This used to be the case in earlier versions of UIVision. But since Version 5 we have dedicated commands just for relative activity. So only the command (name) is important.

=> If you use a command that ends with “…relative” like XClickRelative, visionLimitSearchAreaRelative or ocrExtractRelative then UIVision treats the input image as relative activity and searches for the green/pink boxes.

“_relative” in the image file name is now just a help for us humans, so that we remember what kind of image we created. It is optional.