Xclick, XclickRelative or Xmove does not work for elements present at the bottom of the screen in ubuntu 22.04

Using desktop automation, I am not able to click on any elements near the bottom of the screen.
As an example, I open a new browser and a dummy site - Practicing Automation Testing with Demo Sites
I am trying to click on the link at the bottom of the screen - “Kitten Supplies Demo”. The pointer is not able to go beyond a certain point on the screen as shown in the screenshot. However, clicking or moving to any element above this point, works as expected.
Also interestingly, the macro including the step to click on “Kitten Supplies Demo” passes without any errors.
Minimizing the browser also did not help.


Can you please paste the complete test macro that you used? Or record a screen video?

One potential issue to check: Make sure the browser zoom level is 100%, otherwise the x/y calculations are wrong.

I now tried to click on an button at the bottom of the element on the desktop. The same issue happened where the cursor could not go beyond a point. Trying to click anything above this point works as expected.
I can’t upload recording here. It says - ‘Sorry new users not allowed to upload’. I have sent the recording via the email thread