XClick/XClickRelative finds target but the click is not made , working fine on another machine

Hey everyone

I am pretty new to Kantu but I saw potential in it since I need to test html5 games which have a canvas and therefore I cannot access elements. Here is where XClick and XClickRelative came into help. My problem is the following:

I have a “play now” button when the game loads and I am trying to click with the XClick/XClickRelative command. It finds the button and even looks like it is clicking it, but the clicking itself does not happen, the button is not actually pressed. I am really confused because on my personal laptop the same actions on the same scenario works! I would really appreciate some help on this. Thank you!

Note: Both my workstation and personal laptop use Windows 10. I have tried in Mozilla and Firefox

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Are you using multiple monitors?
Kantu’s XClick functions do not currently work correctly if you are using more than one monitor.

This is a known issue, and they are currently working on the fix. This issue was added to Kantu’s todo list during the first quarter of this year. (forum post is here: [issue #41] XClick dual monitor support)

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the reply. Indeed , the problem was because I am using multiple monitors. I suppose this can be closed for now.

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