XClick with two scrrens

Hey guys,

Im using Xclick and i use two screens (one is my main screen and the other one is an extend screen).

The problem is that xclick only works properly when i use one screen. If im using two screens it just jumps to the another one and my script doesnt work.

any workaround about that?

XClick does not have two screen support yet. But it is on our todo list.

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Hi all,

I noticed this too: using a multi-display set-up, when running the DemoXClick macro, XClick searches for the image in draw_box_dpi_96.png on display 1, and then starts to XMove the cursor on display 2.

So while it is on your todo list, can you for the time being add a section “Does not work (yet)” to the documentation https://ui.vision/docs/xclick to mention this?

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