Xclick with Image is not working for me

I’m relatively new to Kantu and am just trying to use Xclick with an image as Kantu was finding but not clicking on an element have tried:
•Targeting an image (with the pink/green box)
•Targeting the relative image (with the pink/green box)
•XClickRelatove an image (with the pink/green box)
•XClickRelatove a relative image (with the pink/green box)
•and a few more

The pictures I have tried Xclicking are: (I am trying to click the Download Export File)

(I am currently on the free version of Kantu)

What error do you get? Image not found?

Finding this big orange button should be a very easy task for UI.Vision :slight_smile:

As a test, if you run the DemoXDesktopAutomation macro (it ships with the software), does this macro run ok?

Hi, sorry for the extremely late reply,

After some intense head bashing, I was able to get Xclickrelitive to work, however, it involved me unplugging my 2 additional monitors, which for the long term is not at all ideal.

I’m not sure if this issue has come up before, but I have 3 different screens from different companies (Samsung, Acer and my main screen is a Lenovo laptop I believe) all with different resolutions.

When all three monitors are plugged in, there are no errors, however, the mouse clicks up the top left-hand corner of my left-most screen.

The same goes for the DemoXDesktopAutomation example (love those examples and all the documentation BTW) it will also fail and click somewhere else unless I’m only on one screen.

Is their a fix?

Missing dual (or more) monitor support is a known issue. See [issue #41] XClick dual monitor support

Status: We are working on it :slight_smile: