Xclick real user simulation

Hello, it would be nice to simulate random deviations for Xclick. In their current form, they are detected by robot tracking systems, because mouse movements are too direct.

Real user:


Blocking tracking cookies is not a solution. In this case, the user is also defined as a robot or scam.

Did you try to use a few XMove commands before XClick?

No, it’s just that Xclick always draws a line from the previous mouse position to the clicked position.

From what I see Xclick does not move the mouse but it is directly activated at the point where the click is made, therefore the mouse scrolling does not take place. In the macro I notice that the mouse arrow suddenly appears when I click but I don’t see any mouse movements.
You can simulate mouse momentum with Xmove and finally use Xclick


To simulate the movement of the mouse in an arc, you need a huge number of Xmove commands in the macro, in the end it all works at the speed of a turtle.

I just want to say that this feature would be amazing to have. More and more websites are wizening up to countering these tools. A few days ago I discovered my macros to login to certain sites stopped working because somehow they are able to measure my mouse’s movement to disable the login button. And the login button only works when I physically move my mouse by hand. Xmove only teleports the mouse to where you want it but it doesnt make a smooth transition so its easily detectable if youre not human just by measuring your mouse dv/dt.

Can you indicate the url of sites that carry out this type of control because I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, and I wonder if a person uses a tablet that doesn’t have a mouse, how does the site behave?

The mouse is not mandatory today so it seems unlikely to me that there are sites that do not allow access to those who do not have a mouse (tablets and smartphones)

I think it would be possible to record mouse movements (absolute or relative), and insert such blocks between standard commands, as is done in programs for cheaters in online games.

You can independently install web analytics on your site, for example, metrica.yandex.com , and when creating a counter, do not forget to enable session recording. After that, you will be able to see the actions of users with standard cookie settings in the browser.
You will see how mouse actions differ from taps in tablets.
Therefore, I would also like to see emulation of taps for mobile devices (some competitors have already implemented this).