XClick - Quadruple Click? #quadclick or #4click

Normally #tripleclick will select all and is extremely useful. Thanks for adding this.
However, I am currently working to automate an application which requires 4 quick clicks to select all the current text. Would it be possible to add an option to XClick to deliver 4 quick successive left button clicks?

Not natively but have you tried changing the replay speed to fast and then 4 single clicks?

What is quadruple click, do not exists this command in browser, have not function

Hi, thanks for the nice feedback :slight_smile:

Now… 4 clicks seems to be very rare. Do you know any public website or app that needs this?

Is this on Windows, Mac or Linux?

fast replayspeed is apparently not fast enough.

I believe quadruple click is non-standard. It just happens to exist in the application I’m working with.

I do not know of any public websites or app that needs this.
I am working on Mac, but I am using desktop automation with the application served over Citrix apparently running on a Windows server.
I was a little surprised that the app behaves like this. I would have expected “select all” with tripleclick but that seems to only select the current line and 4 clicks are necessary to actually “select all”.
Since this application behaves this way, there may be other apps as well that do this, but I don’t know any.
I have my macro working using cliclick to send CMD-A to select all, so I can’t say this is essential for me, and I understand if you choose not to pursue it since it probably is rarely needed, but it would make for more complete functionality to cover those rare apps that could use it.

Quadruple click is click command repeat for 4 time, easy and simple.

Make 4 clicks.

Usually that does not work, since the clicks need to be send very fast. That is why we have the #doubleclick and #tripleclick parameters for XClick.

@wressl Workaround: Since you are on the Mac, I suggest you use XRUN together with the Mac CLICLICK command line tool. It does not have quadruple-click either, but single clicks inside a shell script might be fast enough simulate it.

If you need the X/Y coordinates as input for CLICLICK use XCLICK | where_to_click.png => now ${!imagex} and ${!imagex} are filled with the x/y value, and you can pass it to the CLICLICK command line.

For more info see XType | ${KEY_CMD+KEY_UP} not working on Mac (Workaround available)

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