XClick open select box image?

Just wondering, does XClick work on open select boxes? I have a selectbox which won’t update when using normal select command, I assume because the website is using a specific javascript framework which has events that are not triggered.

I now open the selectbox via XClick, and then do another XClick on an image.png of the option that I want selected, but it is not clicking on that portion. There doesn’t appear to be an error, but I see the outline created on the page is not around the area that is in the image.png, but 100px or so below it… Any reason for that?

Add url of site and an image or screencast to better to describe the problem please

Having a screencast would be really helpful.

For select boxes, another option that often works well is to

  • Do an XClick to open the box

  • Then use a few XType “arrow down” + finally XType “Enter” to select the entry you want. This works well if you know the position of the entry in the list.