XClick not work in firefox, tab macro on window

In testing script not work XClick on firefox 74.0 (64 bit) on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS , the tab window macro is in foreground and also using bringWindowTOForegroun firefox dont go in foreground, the script work only if manually minimize the tab where run macro. I try also set layout always bottom in the tab macro but not work. :frowning:
How to do?

Add information:
If i minimize at min the tab where run code XClick work, but how to iconize auto this tab?
I execute macro with html code in this sequence:
batch verify macro if exist open firefox with file html of macro that run ui vision execute macro and close all. All macro without XClick/XType working correctly.

I don’t understand this part. Can you maybe add a screenshot or a screencast? Does the XClick demo macro work ok?

The process execute in this step:

  1. Open Firefox with script that run macro that use XType F11 for full screen and bringstoforeground (that last not work)
  2. Execute macro
  3. Close kantu and Windows

If in 2 step i minimize Tab of kantu the script work othetwise not.

I Need minimize auto Tab of kantu that reported the script in execution for working visual elementi that Hide by this Tab in over.

So the issue is that XClick does not work when the browser is in full screen mode?

No work perfectly. The problem Is the Tab that run code. Attach foto, you can view the Tab that run code in center, actually i reduce at minimum dimensioni but sometimes XClick not work when cover element.


Do you have a fix? How to do?

Hi. There Is fix? Thanks