XClick Locator is not support in desktop mode


I am getting the error “Locator is not support in desktop mode”
when running an XClick command on Desktop mode.

Executing: | XClick | id=optout-search | |
[error] Locator is not support in desktop mode

When switching to regular browser mode, the error is not shown but the driver is not clicking on the correct button after showing the green screen (clicks the one on top of it - which is a blank space on the page).

If change into the regular “click” command it works on either desktop or browser mode.

I am using the latest UI.vision and on MacOS Catalina.
Hope you can help.

Locators like ID or XPath are for finding elements inside a web page.

In GUi automation mode, the rpa software looks at the whole desktop, so IDs, XPath etc can no longer be used. On the GUI the visual locators with images and OCR need to be used.

So that “ID” does not work in desktop mode is “works as designed” :slight_smile:

Thank you Plankton! These makes sense! Got confused with the information for XClick mentioned here:

Xclick can be used in web (inside browser) and support xpath or id but can be used in desktop automation and in this case support image recognition and ocr.

In desktop there is not xpath or id, your desktop what xpath have ?
Your dektop have not xpath can be detected with an image recognition or ocr reading.